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About the A.C.C.

The Alberta Cannabis Council was formed to create a united voice for the legal cannabis industry in Alberta.

The ACC is managed, run and funded entirely by it’s members through their volunteering of their times, membership fees, and sharing of their resources & knowledge.

Our members are dedicated to the success of the legal cannabis industry. We recognize that an opportunity has been created for Albertans, to replace black market business with long term and sustainable jobs. Not only are we fighting illegal drug sales, we are creating stable incomes for thousands of Alberta families.

The ACC is Canada’s largest cannabis professional association, with more than 60 member companies. Our retail members include more than 100 retail locations, and together our members employ more than 5,000 Albertans directly in the growing, processing, and sale of cannabis in Alberta. Our affiliate companies employ tens of thousands of other Albertans, who benefit directly from the cannabis sector.

Our Current Initiatives

Overcome the Illegal Market

When Cannabis was legalized by the federal government, the primary goal was to combat an illegal market that remained largely unchecked and completely unregulated.

Today Canadians have an option to consume legal cannabis that is free from dangerous additives, chemicals, or fertilizers. These products are available from safe retail locations thereby ensuring the safety of consumers who chose cannabis.

But the illegal market has not gone away. Rather is has fought to remain alive, finding new ways to compete using products that are not Health Canada approved. We must remain diligent if we are to beat the illegal market, and ensure that the legal market has the opportunity to continue to compete with these illegal operators.

Together, we can beat the illegal market.

Equal and Fair Treatment

Due to the decades long stigma attached to cannabis, it is difficult for the cannabis sector to receive fair and equal treatment in business. Many of our members face excessively restrictive lending environments, inflated costs to crucial services, and higher regulatory fees than other similar products.

It is a goal of the ACC to protect our members by identifying these areas of inequality, addressing them, and working to correct them.

All Alberta Businesses Have the Right to Compete Fairly.

Educate About Cannabis

Cheech & Chong. Beavis & Butthead. That 70’s Show.

While entertaining, their portrayal of cannabis in pop culture has led to a stigma that simply isn’t true. There are a lot of myths about cannabis that need to be dispelled if we are going to ever truly understand and appreciate this plant.

Cannabis presents a real opportunity to address the opioid crisis that is a real threat across the globe. Many people use cannabis without major adverse effects.

It is the goal of the ACC to educate the public and all levels of government about the possible benefits of responsible consumption.

There is amazing potential that comes from education.